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Wet Sounds Unveils Concept Vehicle at MasterTech 2023

Wet Sounds Unveils Concept Vehicle at MasterTech 2023

Posted by Wet Sounds on 3rd Mar 2023

Wet Sounds has taken a 2023 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and modified it to house a full Wet Sounds audio system to be on display at MasterTech. This concept is to appeal to the Jeep and aftermarket community as a plug-and-play system as these owners are seen to modify their vehicles for off-road applications. This vehicle is equipped with: 1x SYN-DX6-DSP 6 channel marine amplifier, 1 SYN-DX4-DSP 4 channel marine amplifier, 4x ZERO Series 6 6” high-output coaxial speakers, 2x ZERO Series 12 XZ 12” sealed enclosure subwoofers, and 2x REV 12 HD 12” marine tower speakers.

This concept vehicle has all new, never before seen modifications. The entire kit utilizes the factory mounting locations. There is no cutting or modification of the vehicle. New speaker grilles were created that integrate into the factory mounting locations. The design matches the aesthetics of the factory interior. The goal was to make it easier for the user to install and reveal a seamless installation. ZERO Series component speakers were created specifically for the Jeep to be able to sit stylishly in the dash.

DSP Amplifiers were used so that the ZERO Series speakers could be optimized for the vehicle. This DSP tune, specified for this Jeep Wrangler, will sound the best that it can, right out of the box. A roto-mold enclosure was designed to house 2x ZERO Series 12” subwoofers and the amplifiers to sit at the base of the back trunk area. This enclosure still provides enough airspace around the amplifiers for heat dissipation.

To mount the REV 12 HD tower speakers, aluminum mounting brackets were built to utilize the factory threaded mounts on the roll bar. These tower brackets are currently only designed for a hard top Jeep, but there are future designs in the works. A new wiring harness was designed specifically for Jeep vehicles and it is compatible with any aftermarket radio or OEM integration pieces. For user discretion, a tower and subwoofer master control unit was added to the center console.

This plug-and-play design was created in hopes to appeal to the Jeep and aftermarket community that would be a simple upgrade option or add on, making it more available to buyers.

Wet Sounds will be hosting a Training Session at MasterTech on Monday, 3/6 called “Marine Tips & Tricks You Wish You Knew”.