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Wet Sounds Partners with Florida Sport Fishing: A Match Made for Fishing Adventures

Wet Sounds Partners with Florida Sport Fishing: A Match Made for Fishing Adventures

Posted by Wet Sounds on 5th Jul 2023

In an exciting collaboration, Wet Sounds, the leading provider of high-performance marine audio systems, has teamed up with Florida Sport Fishing, a renowned authority in the world of recreational angling. The partnership brings together two powerhouses in their respective industries to offer enthusiasts an unforgettable boating experience. One of the highlights of this collaboration is the integration of Wet Sounds' cutting-edge audio technology into Florida Sport Fishing's flagship vessel, the 41’ CTS SeaHunter, ensuring an immersive and thrilling audio experience for all who step aboard or who watch Captain Mike's TV series. The 41’ CTS SeaHunter will be unveiled at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and kicks off the 15th season of filming.

Setting sail with the 41’ CTS SeaHunter: The 41’ CTS is a vessel widely recognized for its exceptional quality, versatility, and performance. Known for its durability and stability, the boat is highly regarded among fishing enthusiasts, making it an ideal platform for this exclusive collaboration. With the creation of a cat hull design, this boat ensures a stable and smooth ride. The layout on deck is enormous; offering one of the largest square footages of any other boat in its class. With no front step on the deck, makes moving around safer and much easier. This boat features two massive live wells and multiple seating options.

Seamless Integration and Design: The collaboration between Wet Sounds and Florida Sport Fishing goes beyond simply installing speakers and amplifiers on the boat. The audio system is being thoughtfully integrated into the vessel's structure, taking into account aesthetics, functionality, and performance. Speakers will be strategically placed throughout the boat, providing an evenly distributed soundstage that enhances the audio experience without interfering with the boat's operation or compromising safety. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and premium-quality components, Wet Sounds ensures that every passenger on the boat enjoys an immersive sound experience, whether they're reeling in the catch of the day or simply cruising the open waters.

Unleashing the Power of Sound on the Water: With Wet Sounds' audio system on board, anglers and boating enthusiasts can now elevate their time on the water to new heights. Picture yourself reeling in a trophy catch while being serenaded by your favorite tunes or enjoying a sunset cruise with friends, enveloped in a symphony of rich and vibrant sound. The powerful and dynamic audio experience offered by Wet Sounds will bring an element of entertainment and excitement that enhances the overall boating adventure. Aboard this vessel, you will find an MC-20, SDX4 Amp, 2x SDX6 Amps, 2x pairs of REVO 6s, 2 pairs of REV 6x9s, 4x REVO 12" Subwoofers, and 2x REVO CX-10s. 

Viewers can tune in to see this boat on the Sportsman Channel, Bally Sports Florida, YouTube at @FloridaSportFishing, Instagram at @FloridaSportFishingTV, and Florida Sport Fishing TV Plus. On Florida Sport Fishing TV, there will be 13 new episodes each season airing January through June on the Sportsman Channel (24 million HH). The same 13 episode series repeats July through December on the World Fishing Network (6 million HH). On Capt. Mike's Rigging Station, 13 new episodes will air each season January through June 2024 on Bally Sports Florida (6 million HH). (Episodes air 3X/week) Wet Sounds will receive exclusivity in the audio category, product exposure and recognition in show credits for all airings. Capt. Mike also offers VIP Fishing Courses where he gives hands-on exposure to affluent anglers and potential SeaHunter buyers and current owners. Head to his website for more information: