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Offroad Trails in GA

Offroad Trails in GA

Posted by Wet Sounds on 13th Apr 2022

If you're looking for off-road trails in Georgia, we have several suggestions for you. This diverse list of memorable trails can accommodate a wide range of skill levels and interests, whether you're looking for a short ride with historic significance or an all-day adventure that leads into a primitive camping experience. Consider these off-road trails for your next escape.

Sarah's Creek Road

We recommend Sarah's Creek Road for those who are new to off-roading and looking for an easy first ride. Roughly 9 miles long, it offers adequate length for an enjoyable trek with your favorite soundtrack coming through a powerful soundbar. There are also great spots for camping along the trail so you can enjoy this as an overnight trip. Choose from over 30 campsites equipped with amenities like fire rings, tent pads, picnic tables, and vault toilets. 

With a few water crossings, there's plenty of excitement and interest on this trek, despite the low difficulty level. This trail is best for vehicles with a higher profile, particularly if the creek is up. Most of the trail is gravel and you'll only encounter a few spots that require four-wheel drive. After you've conquered Sarah's Creek Trail, we think you'll find yourself itching to continue with your off-roading adventures.

Currahee Mountain Trail

Just over an hour from Atlanta, the Currahee Mountain Trail is a short but steep climb that's great when you're looking for a brief jaunt with outstanding views. We call this an absolute must for history buffs who will appreciate the trail's storied past. Those familiar with "Band of Brothers" may recognize this as the stretch that men would run during Army Airborne Training at Camp Toccoa between 1942 and 1944. You can pick up a trail map at the Toccoa-Stephens County Welcome Center.

The trail is roughly 3 miles each way and is open for hikers and joggers as well as those off-roading on mountain bikes. The trail is gravel over Georgia clay, and very easy to follow. Expect steep climbs and a stunning view once you reach the ledge at the top, where you can relax for a moment at an elevation of about 1,033 feet before heading back down.

Corbin Creek Road

Corbin Creek Road is a moderately difficult off-roading trail that will take you up an ascent of 1,655 feet with a descent of 3,449 feet. The grades are slight and easily managed by bikers at most skill levels. In total, the trail is nearly 10 miles long. Comprised of dirt and rock, it's relatively easy to navigate, though you should be prepared for some rocky stretches and small ruts. 

Hikers like to share the trail as well, and it offers access to several campgrounds, Tray Gap, and the famous Appalachian Trail. Wide enough for easy passing, you can navigate Corbin Creek Road in a variety of vehicles, but it's most popular for biking. Plan for your journey to take about an hour, though the scenery may beckon you to stop and enjoy it here and there. You'll enjoy picturesque views over Chinquapin Ridge. This trail is accessible in most seasons but may be closed in winter.

Beasley Knob Trail

If you're looking for a challenge, we recommend Beasley Knob Trail for an unforgettable off-roading experience. You'll encounter thrilling slopes, steep ascents, and difficult terrain as you navigate this 10.6-mile trail. This trail is located in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, so you must have a daily permit or annual pass from the Blue Ridge Ranger District to access it.

You can access the Beasley Knob Trail from either the Satterfield Trailhead or the Blue Rock Trailhead. The trail is accessible to motorcycles, ATVs, and off-road vehicles, so you can hop on with nearly any type of equipment and use this exhilarating trail as the testing ground for your new powered subwoofers as you put some upbeat jams behind your adventure.

Houston Valley OHV Trails

If you're looking for a trail system that can cater to nearly any need, we think the Houston Valley OHV Trails will be just the thing for your off-roading experience. This 25-mile trail system has both easy and difficult rides for you to experience. Motorbikes and ATVs are allowed, but this system is not accessible to four-wheel-drive vehicles or those that are more than 50-inches wide. You'll find restrooms, a water fountain, and an ADA loading ramp at the trailhead. You will need an OHV pass from the U.S. Forest Service for this trail.

Dalton, Georgia, is your nearest town when you're planning a day at the Houston Valley OHV Trails. This is a great place for dinner or fueling up. If you prefer to stay for the weekend, you'll have access to three primitive campsites along the trail that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. This trail system is open from April 1 to December 31.

Town Creek OHV Trail System

The Town Creek OHV Trail System features two loops and a total of 15 miles of trail. The Trial A loop is designated for bikes and motorcycles while the Trail B loop is designed for ATVs. You will need a day pass or annual pass from the Oconee Ranger District to ride on these trails. Trail A features a long wooden bridge spanning a swampy stretch as well as some tight turns, tree roots, and water-filled ruts. On trail B, the primary obstacles are tree roots. 

You can access these trails from March 20 through May 15, so you should plan accordingly if you want the opportunity to experience this destination. The trail may close due to heavy rain. You can contact the Oconee Ranger District for more information on the trail's accessibility before your trip.

The right equipment is essential for any off-roading experience, so make sure you have everything need before you head out, from your well-maintained vehicles to snacks and safety gear. Our team at Wet Sounds can help you cover all your audio needs so the entertainment level is outstanding for your trail ride.