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A clean audio signal is essential for high-quality audio output. Wet Sounds™ source units are designed to provide a clean signal, ensuring that the audio experience on a boat is as good as possible. All Wet Sounds source units are specifically designed to withstand the challenging conditions a marine environment.


Often referred to as "full-range speakers," are a type of loudspeaker design that combines multiple speaker elements into a single unit. These speakers are designed to reproduce a wide range of audio frequencies, typically from low bass frequencies to high treble frequencies, in a single compact package.


Marine subs are specialized subwoofers designed specifically for use in marine and boating environments. They are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions and challenges posed by being exposed to water, salt, humidity, and UV rays commonly encountered on boats, yachts, and other watercraft.


Marine amplifiers are specialized audio amplifiers designed for use in marine and boating environments. They serve the purpose of increasing the power of audio signals to drive marine speakers, including marine subwoofers, and enhance the overall audio quality in a boat or other watercraft.